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#1 Chiropractic clinic in St. Petersburg offers loving and supportive chiropractic care since 1968. Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic: call now 727-528-8700. Experienced chiropractor doctors and Advanced Orthogonal technique yield consistent and stable results.

Education Center

Health Restoration Class

First and third Tuesday
monthly at 6:30pm

Movie Night

Power of Upper Cervical

Thursday, July 31, 7:00 pm

Health Fundamentals


Tuesday, August 12, 6:30 pm

Health Fundamentals

Physical Senses

Tuesday, September 16, 6:30 pm

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What is Advanced Orthogonal?

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The Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic offers loving, compassionate, supportive chiropractic care to patients in St. Petersburg and in the whole Tampa Bay area since 1968.

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The purpose of our experienced chiropractor doctors is to help as many people as possible be well, stay healthy naturally and to educate them on what they in turn can do to help educate others who are needlessly suffering without hope.

A view of the Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic in St. Petersburg, FLSince 1968, Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic has been serving St. Petersburg and the greater Tampa Bay community and we work hard to provide a loving, compassionate and supportive environment to help our patients regain and maintain their health, vitality, and youth. The intention of our office is to make all our patients feel comfortable and knowledgeable about their own health and wellness.

Chiropractor is Checking Alignment: Upper Cervical Exam

Upper Cervical Exam - Checking Alignment

As defined by Webster, health is “the condition of being sound in body, mind or spirit especially freedom from physical disease or pain”. 

The chiropractor doctors of Pierce Clinic understand that precision care for all members of society should be available and we provide the best chiropractic care for individuals of all ages and conditions. All the Doctors at Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic are considered experts in the field of Upper Cervical chiropractic. Many have lectured at academic institutions and international health care symposiums on the discoveries and advancements in Advanced Orthogonality. Our Chiropractor Doctors are constantly researching and incorporating the latest and most innovative methods to see our patients achieve their optimum expression of health.

Through extensive post graduate studies and clinical research, Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic of St. Petersburg is recognized as one of the most advanced clinics in the nation utilizing the Advanced Orthogonal Adjusting Procedure.