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New Year New You

The New Year has always been a great time to start considering making meaningful changes in your life. For many, this time of the year represents renewal, resolutions, new perspectives, and goals for the year to come. One aspect that people strive to improve year after year is their health. While many assume the gym is the best place to start, we strongly recommend beginning your journey to a better you with Pierce Clinic and Upper Cervical Chiropractic care.


When people imagine getting into shape during the new year, they immediately gravitate towards gym memberships to improve their health. But Upper Uervical Chiropractic care is just as important in keeping the body healthy. Our Advanced Orthogonal Technique uses a gentle and specific sound-wave correction of the atlas bone (C1) by removing nerve interference and restoring function to the entire nervous system. By allowing you body to function properly, we routinely see improvement in overall balance and mobility, with healthy muscle tone and increased coordination. Movement and activity improve in your New Year’s workouts as well as all other daily activities. By restoring your body’s function, a wealth of benefits can enable you to hit the ground running with your New Year’s resolution for better health.


The nervous system is the main line of communication for the body and is intricately linked to multiple organ systems. This is why it is imperative to keep it functioning optimally. Any misalignment can lead to impairment within the nervous system, causing serious strain on your immune system. Many find that with precision Upper Cervical care, they are generally sick less and their body is more prepared to fight off disease if they do become ill. Beginning this new year with a properly functioning nervous system can help you maintain a stronger immune system long term.


If you suffer with pain, working out or simple daily activities can be difficult. Our gentle and painless approach helps to restore balance to the body, correcting dysfunction and relieving the source of the issue causing pain and discomfort. Another great benefit of Advanced Orthogonal Chiropractic is pain prevention. For us “Holding is Healing”. Patients who hold their adjustments and maintain good nervous system function report noticing less pain, illness, and faster recovery time should any illness or injury occur. Routine check-ups make sure that the symptoms felt at the start of care don’t return. Whether your pain is mild, severe, chronic, or short-term, consider scheduling a free consultation so that you can start the year pain-free.

As we enter the new year and begin to work towards new goals, your consideration should be getting your nervous system on the right track. Improved function means better overall health and wellness. Start the year off right, there is no better time than the present to focus on you.

Happy New Year's From Myself and the Pierce Clinic Doctors and Staff

Dutch D'Amico, D.C.

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