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A Son's Perspective

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

My first experience with chiropractic was how it directly impacted my family.

After months of struggling with pain, through the kindness of a friend, my mother was recommended to go see a chiropractor. A few adjustments helped to clear some of the major problems that she was dealing with. Essentially, upper cervical chiropractic gave my mother her life back.

Seeing someone you love struggle to even get daily tasks done without pain is not easy. It puts strain on everybody in the family. Soon after seeing her success, my entire family was under chiropractic care. After knowing first-hand how serious spine issues can disrupt someone’s life, it was almost a natural-unconscious-gut level decision as a child asking to be under chiropractic care myself. I didn’t understand why or how, but I knew that it was good for my health, family, and future because of this direct experience with my mom.

That happened for one simple reason: it elevates one’s ability to live life to its fullest potential.

This story is similar to the countless people that I have met whom share this strong dedication to their chiropractic care. We share a common knowledge that the spine houses this incredible control center called the nervous system and that it is important that care for it in the best way possible. Time and time again, we see the ripple effect in how giving someone’s life back through chiropractic care also changes the entire family dynamic. There is a famous quote in chiropractic that states “we never know how far reaching something you think, say, or do will affect the lives of millions tomorrow”. If we all can simply start by putting our family’s health first, the overall impact will be LIMITLESS.

Dr. Theo

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