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A Lifetime of Care

Dr. Dutch's family at Aladdin

I have spent the better part of my life involved in upper cervical care in one way or another. I was originally introduced to upper cervical and Pierce Clinic as a baby and was lucky enough to spend my early (extra early? I’m still young) years in alignment. It wasn’t until I left for the military and spent 10 years abroad that I really figured out how much I took for granted what this type of care did for my quality of life.

Under the strain of my military career, as well as being so far away from Pierce Clinic, I really saw my overall health and wellness take a turn for the worse. Low back problems as well as shoulder and neck issues took such a toll on my body that I was having to be evaluated routinely for degeneration of my spine while I was still in my 20’s. Recommendations included treatment with muscle relaxers and ultimately surgery.

But I wasn’t the only one. My beautiful wife Stephanie also had been under care with Pierce Clinic for a couple of years prior to us leaving for the Army, being treated primarily for numbness and tingling that she would constantly feel in her arm and hand. Even at the beginning, after her first adjustment by Dr. Pierce, those symptoms completely went away, only returning on occasion as an indication that she was out of adjustment. Along with my new issues, her prior issues came back with a vengeance. Evaluations with doctors within and outside of the military health care system resulted in diagnoses of carpal tunnel syndrome. The solution to these problems again being pain medication/ management and surgery to remove the restriction.

However, EVERY TIME we came back, for holidays, family trips, etc. a trip to Pierce Clinic would resolve both of our symptoms to one degree or another. This is what really drove home the value of this care and was one of the primary driving reasons behind me becoming a doctor and doing this type of work.

I am so grateful and am driven to serve this community in a way that makes a lasting impact. What could have been a hopeless situation with my wife’s carpal tunnel diagnosis has now become a hopeful one; one in which she no longer suffers from those symptoms while here and under consistent care. My entire family is under care here at the Pierce Clinic and I look forward to seeing YOUR family here as well.

Dr. Dutch

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