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A Late Start

I didn’t grow up with chiropractic and I was constantly ill as a child. I had asthma, multiple flu and respiratory infections per year. I missed nearly 3 weeks of the 2nd grade with bronchitis. Now as a dad of 3 boys, I couldn’t imagine raising children without giving them chiropractic care. My kids are barely sick and when they are, its mild and lasts a day or two. The phase boys will be boys rings true with my kids. They are also running around, climbing, wrestling, taking risks, being daredevils, and of course, falling and getting hurt. I take it for granted, just being to check them right after a fall, give them an adjustment and seeing them run off with a huge smile and no worries.

I shouldn’t take it for granted because I see a lot of people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s that are suffering and it can be traced back to childhood injuries that were never addressed. I don’t want my kids to grow up with sickness, I don’t want them to develop pain later in life, I don’t want them to suffer repetitive injuries like I did. I rolled my ankle hundreds of times playing sports in my preteen and teen years, starting in the 1st grade. A few times the ligaments were severely sprained or even partially torn. I always has issues on my right leg and ankle and when I first saw a chiropractor when I was 22, it was found that I had a right short leg of nearly 1in. That’s a huge imbalance and I remember growing up, I could not stand still for more than a few minutes without dropping my knee to feel balanced.

After the first correction, I felt a major change in my gait, and that’s actually what motivated me to switch careers to being a chiropractor. But I think back, could all my ankle sprains and injuries had been because I was playing sports with a 1in leg imbalance? Probably. When did this happen? How did it get so far off? Could it have been when I ran head first into a bird bath and split my head open when I was 3? Could it had been falling down the stairs or out of a tree? It could have been any or all of those incidents and that is why

I am so grateful to be able to check my kid’s alignment instantly. I should not take it for granted.

6 months ago, my youngest started crying and shrieking non-stop, unexpectedly. He had never been like this before, and it was a cry of pain. It was like he was possessed. Being parents, my wife and I both forgot our chiropractic hats and started thinking the worse. We were checking bowl sounds and prepping to take him to the hospital. It finally clicked to just check him and we found him way off. We adjusted his neck and my wife found his sacrum way off, and she adjusted that. He calmed down, he pooped, and he is the happiest boy again. Coincidence? I do not believe so.

Keeping my kids healthy in of the best things I can do for them. Keeping them aligned is one of the best things to keep them healthy. It keeps their nervous system working, it maximizes their immune system, and it helps to ensure they will grow up without painful spinal issues.

Dr. Miller

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