A very different approach to chiropractic.

Our technique, Advanced Orthogonal, is a very gentle and extremely precise procedure for getting your entire system back into alignment, restoring clear communication between the brain and the body.

What is Advanced Orthogonal chiropractic?


Treat the root problem, and the symptoms resolve themselves.

While traditional chiropractic adjustments may relieve symptoms, our approach is aimed at correcting the root cause of your problem. A good analogy would be your relationship with your dentist; rather than just filling cavities, your dentist offers corrective and preventive care designed to keep your teeth healthy.

In the same way, we believe your best health is achieved not from getting adjustments, but from holding your alignment. Our approach is:

  • Objective.  We rely on very specific testing and technology to give us a full picture of your condition, including 3-D x-rays of the upper cervical (neck) area, to measure misalignments down to the 1/100th of a degree.
  • Precise.  With the information provided by the 3-D x-rays, we can make the very individualized corrections that provide optimal results.
  • Gentle.  Our technique is exceptionally gentle in large part because it is not manual. In fact, we do not employ hands-on adjustment. Instead, we use a percussive sound wave to deliver precise, painless corrections.
  • Long-lasting.  We find that precise alignments tend to hold much better than general adjustments; healing happens while you are holding your alignment. 
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