Precision Adjusting

The Importance of a Calculated Correction

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Your Unique Blueprint

Your long term health is important to us, which is why we are not willing to guess with your spine.  Each case is carefully evaluated by one of our doctors and your misalignment and bone structure is precisely calculated.  This gives us an exact blueprint of your spine and the exact vectors needed to correct it using the percussive sound wave adjustment.

Once your misalignment is evaluated, your doctor will use the measurements and angles to place you on the adjusting instrument according to the findings.  Your body’s position is measured in relationship to the instrument, and the instrument is aligned to the atlas bone.  Once ever factor is set, the gentle percussive wave is delivered to correct the misalignment.

Verifying Our Work

After the first correction, we will take a second set of X-rays and measure the bones alignment again to ensure the misalignment is reduced.  These post-adjustment X-rays allow us to see how well you responded to the correction and give us guidance to make subtle improvements if necessary in an future corrections.



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