Patient Testimonials – Back Pain & Lower Back Pain

The Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic has treated every form of back pain issue with a high level of success.

We invite you to review what some of our patients have said about their experience at The Pierce Clinic.

“When I get off the table I knew I was better. I could never imagine that my lower back was going to be relived my something they were doing all the way up the chain.  It was nearly instantaneous.”

He told me after he adjusted me that I probably wouldn’t walk for a day or two.  I walked the next day, without the crutches.

“Anyway, long story short, my rheumatologist gave me 4-6 weeks before I could return to work and I was back to work in 9 days.”

“Everything in my life feels better.  I feel healthier.  I can do things that for many years I couldn’t do”.

“Watch this video of a success story broadcast on Pierce Clinic Stories.”