The Advanced Orthogonal Technique

A precision approach to chiropractic

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Let’s begin at the top.

It’s basic anatomy:  The body depends on signals from the brain for all functions.

Think of the brain as the central computer controlling your body. The spinal cord is the main network along which signals travel to every single tissue, cell, and organ in the body.

The doorway from the brain to the rest of the body is through the spine’s very top vertebra, which is called the Atlas. If the Atlas is misaligned, the pathway from brain to body can be disrupted. And when nerve signals to the body are not being delivered fully, a range of health issues may result.

Advanced Orthogonal (orthogonal is from the Greek for “right angled”) is a very gentle and extremely precise procedure for getting your Atlas—and the rest of your system—back into alignment. When clear communication is restored between the brain and the body, healing can begin.

Our approach is objective and accurate.

Touch can only tell us so much. We rely on very specific testing and technology to give us a full picture of your condition.

We begin with a noninvasive postural exam and a muscular/neurological exam. If we determine there is a misalignment causing your current condition, we take highly specific 3-D x-rays of the upper cervical (neck) area, to measure misalignments down to the 1/100th of a degree.

Our 3-dimensional digital x-rays provide us with a clear image of your spine. A computer analysis of these x-rays provide the most accurate assessment of the spinal misalignment.

Our approach is precise.

With the information provided by the 3-D x-rays, we are ready to make the very individualized corrections that provide optimal results. Our analysis allow us to calculate precise mathematical coordinates, to within 0.25 degrees of accuracy, to set our adjusting instrument for your anatomy and your specific misalignment.

With Advanced Orthogonal, there is no guesswork; treatment is precisely calculated and personalized for every individual.

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Our approach is gentle.

Something quite interesting has been learned over the decades that chiropractic care has been around: the more gentle the adjustment, the better the results. Because misalignments of the vertebra are measured in millimeters, forceful adjustments have the risk of overcorrecting.

Our technique is exceptionally gentle in large part because it is not manual. In fact, we do not employ hands-on adjustment of the Atlas. Instead, we use a percussive sound wave to deliver precise, painless corrections.

The corrections are not just precise and painless, they are low-force. This means the alignment will take place within your normal range of motion, with no risk of injury to ligaments due to overcorrection. Because the technique is so gentle, it also means more patients are candidates for the treatment. After your alignment, we’ll take another set of x-rays to verify and assess the degree of correction, and to determine your treatment plan.

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Our approach is long-term.

Advanced Orthogonal Chiropractic has proven to be extremely effective in providing longer-lasting corrections. We find that precise adjustments tend to hold much better than general adjustments; healing happens while you are holding your alignment.

You will likely find that you will need fewer treatments, as well. With traditional chiropractic, multiple segments in the spine are routinely adjusted every visit. Most manual chiropractors will give on average five manipulations per treatment, and with some techniques, that number is over 20. Advanced Orthogonal chiropractors are able to do more with less. Why? Because spinal muscles as well as the critical organs are controlled and coordinated from the brainstem area; patients often obtain lasting changes throughout their entire spine after precision correction of the Atlas.

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