The Advanced Orthogonal International seminar series is designed to train students and doctors in this cutting-edge approach to health care. There are currently five events on the AdvOI seminar series:

  • Fundamentals 1, 2, and 3 (all offered twice annually)
  • a spring and a fall advanced seminar
  • and a 1-week intensive boot camp in the summer.

Fundamentals 1 – Precision X-Ray and Examination Procedures

Doctors will learn:

  • The anatomical uniqueness of the upper cervical complex
  • An introduction to Advanced Orthogonality
  • The three axes of cervical biomechanics, and the Cartesian coordinate system
  • The reasoning behind the Orthogonal x-ray series, including the sagittal, frontal, axial and horizontal x-ray projections
  • Precision x-ray placement
  • The Atlas Sagittal Plane and Axial Angle lines, and why they’re taken
  • Troubleshooting antalgic patient postures in positioning
  • When and how to take alternate views to increase image clarity
  • Digital scanning palpation of the cervical soft tissues
  • The supine leg length analysis

Fundamentals 2 – Precision X-Ray Analysis

Doctors will learn:

  • An introduction to the Advanced Orthogonal analysis templates and digital software
  • Accuracy in x-ray analysis, and why it matters
  • Film preparation – Cross Referencing the anatomy to determine the diagnostic quality of the film
  • Zoning procedures for construction the Center Skill Line on the Frontal and Horizontal Projections (FCL & HCL)
  • The occipital condyle radius, and how it affects patient positioning
  • The 8 reference points for constructing the Atlas Frontal Plane line
  • The 10 reference points for constructing the Atlas Horizontal Plane line
  • The radius of curvature of the Axis superior surfaces, and occipital condyle inferior surfaces and how that affects the biomechanics of correction
  • Which landmarks are used in constructing the cervical spine line
  • How to accurately locate the Atlas transverse process
  • The Advanced Orthogonal x-ray measurements, including:
    • Atlas-Cephalic Displacement (ACD)
    • Cervical Spine/Atlas Angle (CS)
    • Atlas Frontal Plane Line (AFP)
    • Condylar/Axial Circles (C/A)
    • Atlas Horizontal Rotation (AHRy)
    • Condylar Aberrancy Analysis (CAB)
    • Calculating the Z and Y adjusting vectors
  • The biomechanical factors contributing to correct table placement

Fundamentals 3 – The Advanced Orthogonal Correction

Students will learn:

  • The neurology and biomechanics of the upper cervical spine
  • The four biomechanical misalignment factors used in table placement
  • Correct mastoid process support
  • An introduction to the Advanced Orthogonal percussion adjusting instrument
  • Digital measurement of the patient’s ‘head height angle’
  • Measuring the patient’s ‘zero base line’ for correct Y vector calibration
  • Stylus placement to the Atlas Transverse process
  • Adjusting using the percussive sound wave
  • Pre and Post examination procedures

Advanced Seminars – From good results to outstanding results

These seminars are hosted twice annually, in the spring and in the fall. Advanced seminars are to help doctors refine the intricacies of the Advanced Orthogonal procedure, and refine the protocols that are covered in the fundamentals. Topics for Advanced seminars are constantly changing to accommodate developments in the field of upper cervical care.

Bootcamp – Accelerated Education

The Advanced Orthogonal bootcamp is the most comprehensive and most efficient way to learn the procedures necessary to become a top provider of Upper Cervical care. The seminar is a one-week, high intensity training program that exposes doctors to the concepts of all three fundamental seminars and the advanced seminars.