Our Mission

Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic in St. Petersburg, Florida, is dedicated to providing an advanced health care system that is focused on identifying the cause of human suffering due to dysfunction of the nervous system.

The health and integrity of every human being is, by design, sustained through balanced function of its many internal systems controlled by the brain and nervous system. Our focus is on correcting the cause of dysfunction and maintaining the health and well-being of the patients we serve. We are also dedicated to changing the face of comprehensive health care through teaching other professionals these advanced principles of precision chiropractic care.

We recognize that the human body is dynamic and wonderfully made. It is our desire to honor its Creator, as well as give hope and opportunity to all who suffer from disease and conditions that impede them from living fruitful, productive lives.

Community Outreach

Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic has established deep roots in our St. Petersburg, Florida community over the past 47 years. Pierce Clinic doctors and staff are firm in our belief that working with those in need and helping to make their lives better is our duty.

We reach out into our community to provide hope, education, and inspiration. We also work with the chiropractic community at our facility here in St. Petersburg and at chiropractic schools and seminars across the country. We teach our Advanced Orthogonal Technique, and design curricula, to help chiropractors advance the quality of healthcare they deliver to their patients.

Seminars and Classes

The doctors of the Pierce Clinic understand the growing need for education in health care.  We know that each person is responsible for their own health, and we want to provide every resource for the success of each individual’s health goals.  This is why we continuously teach classes that help give understanding to both basic and complex health concerns.

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Meet the Doctors

Dr. G. Stanford Pierce Sr.

Dr. Christopher C. Slininger

Dr. Duyen T. Ngo

Dr. Joshua E. Silver

Dr. Jeremy Miller

Meet the Doctors